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Video with a tree burning from the inside as a metaphor for the phrase “I’m fine” in response to questions from friends

An unusual natural phenomenon in social networks turned into an illustration of the difference between how a person behaves and what he really feels.

On October 20, a Twitter user with the nickname So Fain published a 15-second video with an unusual phenomenon: in the video, the tree burned from the inside, although it seemed normal from the outside. Fire can only be seen through a crack in the trunk.

Not everyone believed in the realism of the video, suggesting that this was just a special effect. But the phenomenon is not considered something unique: in the media and social networks you can find other photos and videos with trees burning from the inside. In May, Massachusetts firefighters explained the effect of lightning: it causes fire inside the trunk, which helps to disperse a steady wind.

National Geographic adds that usually a tree burns like this for several days, after which it falls, losing the ability to maintain its own weight.

Sometimes trees burn from the inside during forest fires

The video went on Twitter, and users noted that a tree burning from the inside could be an ideal illustration for many everyday situations. For example, when answering the questions “How are you doing?” You answer “Everything is fine”, hiding your problems and worries.

“How are you?” / “Oh, I’m fine”
When my friends ask me how I’m doing, and I say, “I’m fine”
When you get very angry, but keep everything in yourself

I’m inside when I see that the guy I like is chatting with other girls

There were options related to spicy food.

My empty stomach after I ate a packet of spicy Chitos

There were political jokes.

What happens in the White House

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