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US students hacked school database to gain tactical advantage in the battle with water pistols

Day of Ivan Kupala in the era of cyberpunk.

The leadership of the school district of Downingtown (Pennsylvania) announced the hacking of a database of students – hackers gained access to private information of 12 thousand people. According to local authorities, high school students turned out to be burglars for the sake of a “tactical advantage” in the annual battle with water pistols.

“Senior water games” are a local tradition: schoolchildren walk around the area for several days and attack each other with water weapons. Pupils use, among other things, the tactics of the “assassins” – they track down where the “opponents” live, and suddenly attack them. Probably, for this hackers needed a database – it contains addresses as well.

An example of water games in 2016

According to the administration, the students received “teacher access” to the system with grades, phone numbers and other private data of all who attend schools within the district. “We take the attack very seriously. The consequences for these young people will be serious, ”said Gary Mattei, director of technology for the school district.

Punishment for hackers (their names are not called) is still under discussion. According to the administration, the mitigating circumstance is that the schoolchildren did not have “malicious intent” in using the data. They just wanted to win the “water games.”

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