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In the US, a policeman called for an investigation against himself after he was found asleep in a car

He claims that he forgot to take the prescribed medications.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson Photo by Chris Swed for the Chicago Tribune 

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson called for an internal investigation against himself after he was found sleeping in a company car. The man fell asleep, parked at the stop sign near the house. This was reported by the Chicago Tribune.

Johnson explained that he had forgotten to take the pills prescribed to him, so he fell asleep in the car, having arrived home after dinner. According to him, he did not feel symptoms after leaving the restaurant, but then he felt weak, so he slowed down and stopped near the house.

A passerby noticed the asleep policeman and called 911. Three police cars and a firefighter’s outfit responded to the call, they checked Johnson’s well-being and escorted him home.

Anthony Guglielmi, head of the Chicago police department, said at a press conference that alcohol was not related to the incident. According to Johnson, the police who discovered him did not check him with a breathalyzer, but he does not consider this a mistake.

If someone fell asleep in the car, this does not mean that something is wrong with him.

Eddie johnsonChicago policeman

After the incident, Johnson went to the doctor, who informed him of high blood pressure. The policeman explained that the driver usually carries him in a company car, but Johnson had to stay at work and he let him go home.

According to Guglielmi, after the incident, the superintendent himself asked the Department of Homeland Security to conduct a “full investigation”. This department usually reports directly to Johnson, but in this case the report will be submitted to his first deputy Anthony Riccio.

Just the fact that the officers stopped the boss … what it looks like. He [Johnson] wants the Department of Homeland Security to conduct an independent investigation to confirm that he is really telling the truth.

Anthony Guglielmi

head of the Chicago police department

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