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Australia’s top newspapers come out with the same front page as a sign of press protection

Journalists want to draw public attention to the problem of freedom of speech in the country.

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Leading Australian newspapers came out with the same front page – black text painted to protect the press. The text is accompanied by a stamp with the inscription “secret.” This was told by Reuters.

The action was attended by 20 newspapers and 17 media organizations. The reason for her was the search of the ABC television and radio corporations and the criminal prosecution of journalists. The siloviki believe that the published materials about the offenses of employees of the military special forces of Australia were written on the basis of secret documents to which journalists illegally gained access.

Newspapers demanded an end to the persecution of journalists, a review of secrecy for various government documents, and the creation of a freedom of information system. They also opposed 60 laws passed over the past 20 years that restrict the work of the media. According to them, the disclosure of classified information became a criminal offense.

Australian journalists got hundreds of …On January 31, Australian National Broadcasting Company ABC published material based on … MEDUZA.IO

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