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American found a missing child in a corn field with a drone with a thermal imager

He is professionally engaged in aerial photography.

Six-year-old Ethan House Photo of the Sheriff County Police Sheriff

In Minnesota, a missing child was discovered ten hours after disappearance in a corn field. One of the residents found him by accident with the help of an drone with an infrared camera. This was announced on Facebook by the office of the sheriff of the county of Sherburn.

Boy Ethan was playing with a dog near the house when he disappeared around four in the evening. After his disappearance, ten local residents and several government agencies with a helicopter searched for him for ten hours.

However, in the end, the child was found by a local photographer thanks to a drone with a thermal imager. He noticed Ethan lying on the ground in the middle of the field with a dog 1.6 kilometers from the house.

According to police, the boy froze, but was not injured. After a short examination in the hospital, he was released home to his parents.

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