A Chinese businessman hired a killer, he hired another killer – so the order went through five killers. They all planted

Outsourcing Saga.

October 18th Chinese court handed down a sentence of six accused of organizing the assassination of a local businessman. The crime story spread on social networks as “the most Chinese history today”: it involved unfair competition and five killers at once, who resold each other’s order until the “target” knew about the plan.

The case began in 2013: the owner of a real estate company Tan Youhui from the city of Nanying hired a killer to eliminate a competitor by the name of Wei. Prior to this, Wei sued Yuhui.

It was assumed that a killer named Xi Guangan would fulfill the order himself. Yuhui paid him 2 million yuan (about 18 million rubles) in cash, and also gave a copy of Wei’s documents, a phone number and license plates. But the killer did not fulfill the order by launching a chain of events:

  • Guangan left half of 2 million yuan for himself, and hired another killer Mo Tianxiang for the second half of the amount to kill Wei. Also, the first killer after the transfer of the order came to the customer for an additional million, but did not receive the money;
  • The second killer also did not fulfill the order, hiring a third killer for 270 thousand yuan;
  • The third killer continued the outsourcing line and hired a fourth killer – already for 200 thousand yuan;
  • The fourth killer for the killing of Weiyi offered 100 thousand yuan to a Chinese man named Ling Xiansi. Xiangxi became the fifth killer in the resale chain of the order.

Lin calculated that 100 thousand yuan (900 thousand rubles) were not worth killing a person. Therefore, in 2014 (the transfer of the order lasted almost a year), he contacted Wei, his goal, suggesting that he stage his death. Wei went to the police in response – all six people who participated in the murder organization chain were arrested.

As a result, businessman There Yuhui received 5 years in prison, the first killer – 3.5 years, the second and third killers – 3 years 3 months, the fourth killer – 3 years, and the fifth – 2 years 7 months.

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