Yandex launched the Sloy iOS app for shooting videos and recognizing clothes on iOS

In 2020, the company promised to release it on Android.

Yandex launched the Sloy app for short videos with various effects and a clothing recognition system. This was told by company representatives.

Yandex claims that the program will recognize clothes already in the process of filming a video. The system will prompt the user to examine the selected item of clothing and watch videos with it.

Using the built-in video editor, you can add filters, visual effects and music to videos. Users will have a separate recommendation stream, where they can subscribe to their favorite bloggers and much more.

The people who tested Sloy helped us make the application better. For example, we significantly increased the number of camera functions, added editing capabilities, new effects, and a countdown timer. We learned what genres of video and themes are interesting to people, and also improved the recognition interface. This approach helped us to develop not just another fashionable application, but to create a community of like-minded people.

Ekaterina Slyadneva

Blogger and Opinion Manager Sloy

Yandex explained that the application is now available only on iOS. The release on Android is scheduled for 2020.

In the summer of 2019, the company launched closed Sloy testing. It was attended by more than three thousand people and 100 bloggers from the world of fashion. It ended in October.

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