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Photoshop: Justin Bieber falls to unicycle bike

With the help of Photoshop, the singer was sent to space, forced to dance break dance and made an athlete.

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On October 12, the tabloids published paparazzi photos of pop singer Justin Bieber falling from a unicycle. Reddit users saw in the picture a wide potential for photojabs.

The media suggested that Bieber learned to ride a monocycle for his upcoming music video – the operator also shot the singer. Other snapshots of the fall hit the net.

Imagine watching Justin Bieber fall from a monocycle. 
I don’t know what I would do

Later, the picture was in the Photoshop battle on Reddit. The users decided that the pose of the falling Bieber would fit perfectly into various sports competitions. Therefore, he was made a runner, wrestler, skier, swimmer and skateboarder.

There were enough other “unsportsmanlike” photojacks.

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