Google introduced smartphones Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL with face recognition and a gesture control sensor

The devices also received a dual camera for the first time.

The Verge

At the annual fall presentation, Google introduced the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. The main features of smartphones was the introduction of face recognition instead of a fingerprint sensor and the possibility of contactless control.

For new functions, the Soli motion sensor is responsible. It will allow you to control the device using gestures without touching the screen: you can at least switch the song, stop the alarm or mute the sound of notifications.

The sensor is also responsible for face recognition. Google claims that it will work from any angle and very quickly – for the time while users take the smartphone out of their pocket. Recognizing with Soli sensors Google calls “the fastest face unlock among smartphones.”

Smartphones received 5.7 and 6.3-inch OLED screens with a resolution of 3200×1800 with a variable refresh rate of up to 90 Hertz and batteries for 2800 and 3700 mAh, respectively. Both devices run on the same Snapdragon 855 processor, for the first time they introduced a separate Pixel Neural Core coprocessor for neural networks. In addition, smartphones received 6 GB of RAM and built-in 64 or 128 GB.

The Pixel 4 and 4 XL were the first Pixel dual camera devices. The main lens shoots at a resolution of 12 MP, and the second telephoto lens – at 16 MP. Google claims that the new camera will allow you to shoot at eight times without serious loss of quality due to the combination of optical and digital zoom. The resolution of the front camera is 8MP.

Devices are also equipped with stereo speakers. Google promised three years of support and updates for the Pixel 4. The device will be bundled with an 18-watt fast-charging adapter.

The smartphone will be available in three colors: with a black, white and orange back cover – the latter will be released in a limited edition. Its price will be $ 799 (about 51 thousand rubles) for the minimum version of Pixel 4 with 64 GB of memory and $ 1,199 for the maximum version of Pixel 4 XL with 128 GB of memory.

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