Dali’s painting stolen from gallery in San Francisco in 32 seconds

The thief was caught in many security cameras, but disappeared before they could detain him.

An unknown thief stole the painting “Giraffe on Fire” by Salvador Dali from a gallery in San Francisco. According to ABC 7 News, he spent only 32 seconds on it.

The kidnapper got on a lot of security cameras. Judging by the video published by ABC, the man went into the gallery, took a picture and left. At this time, a woman was waiting for him on the street.

Gallery director Rajad Hopkins told Time magazine that at that moment he was working alone and perhaps turned away at the time of the theft. There is also a camera in the gallery, but it was turned off.

KGO-TV reporters noted that usually the paintings are attached using a cable and a lock, but for some reason they were missing. According to various versions, the offender could cut them in advance or in 32 seconds while stealing a picture. Hopkins believes that the castle with the cable was previously removed.

Dali painted the painting “Giraffe on Fire” between 1966 and 1967. Its cost is about 20 thousand dollars.

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