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Blizzard refused to bind a player supporting Hong Kong to China. His punishment was halved

The company found the initial punishment too harsh and returned the prize.

Wai Chung Photo @blitzchungHS

Blizzard Entertainment president Jay Allen Breck commented on the scandal surrounding the ban of blitzchung player Wai Chung, who called for the release of Hong Kong during a Hearthstone tournament stream. According to Breck, the decision to disqualify was not related to the content of the statement of the punished player.

According to Blizzard rules, tournament streams should be dedicated to games and competitions, and not serve as a platform for public announcements. Blitzchung knew this rule, but deliberately violated it. In this case, the player would be punished for the statement of the opposite content, Breck assured, and “China has not affected Blizzard’s decision in any way.”

The company also admitted that the punishment was too serious, so Blizzard decided to reduce the player’s ban period from a year to six months, and also return him the prize for Hearthstone GrandMasters Season 2 (about 3 thousand dollars). The ban term for casters who interviewed the player will also be reduced.

At the end of his address, President Blizzard noted that the company will continue to abide by the rule that tournament broadcasts should be dedicated exclusively to the game.

On October 8, a resident of Hong Kong blitzchung at the official broadcast of the Hearthstone tournament shouted in an interview after the match : “Free Hong Kong, this is the revolution of our century!” He was accused of violating the rules, deprived of winning the second season of the championship and banned from participating in competitions for a period of one year.

In response, many players have announced a boycott of the company’s “support Chinese censors’, against the decision made by some Blizzard employees.

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