Brother Pablo Escobar has sued the rights to a site named drug lord. He plans to sell flamethrowers through him

CEO of Escobar Inc. stated that the concept of their flamethrower was stolen by Elon Musk.

Escobar Inc., owned by drug lord brother Pablo Escobar, has sued for $ 3 million in compensation. This is reported by The Next Web

Roberto Escobar said he was glad the transfer of rights to the domain with the name of his brother under the control of the company. He promised to deal with any copyright infringement of the family brand.

According to the publication, the company plans to launch the site by early 2020. It will sell branded products Escobar Inc. The assortment will include a flamethrower at a price of $ 249 apiece. Executive Director Daniel Reitberg noted that the concept of the flamethrower was stolen by Elon Musk and Escobar Inc. already prepared several lawsuits against him.

CEO of Escobar Inc. Olaf Gustafson said that now the company is in the process of creating a large technology company with a starting capitalization of $ 50 million. In his opinion, it may become larger than Apple.

Pablo Escobar is one of the most famous Colombian drug lords. He is the founder of the Medellin cartel. According to Forbes, in the 1980s his fortune reached $ 30 billion. He was shot dead in 1993 during an assault on a house in Medellin.

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