Blizzard disqualified and stripped Hearthstone prize players for shouting “Free Hong Kong!” At the tournament

The esportsman demanded the release of Hong Kong in a post-match interview.

Blizzard Studio selected the prize money and suspended Hong Kong player Ng blitzchung Wai Chung from participating in the Hearthstone tournament. According to Invenglobal, this happened because the esportsman shouted out the slogan for the release of Hong Kong on the official broadcast.

In a post-match interview, Wai Chung shouted “Free Hong Kong, this is the revolution of our century!” After that, the company deleted videos from all official channels for the whole day. However, the excerpt from the player’s statement has been preserved in social networks.

In an official statement, Blizzard indicated violations of the rules of the tournament by the player. The official statement said that he insulted the public and damaged the image of the company. The company deprived him of his winnings for the second season of the championship and forbade him to participate in official competitions for a period of one year (until October 5, 2020). The company closed commentary on the official statement.

Since mid-June 2019, mass demonstrations have been held in Hong Kong . Initially, residents opposed the adoption of the law on extradition of criminals to China, Macau and Taiwan, but later residents made other demands. In their opinion, it is necessary to abolish the term “riots”, release arrested activists, conduct an investigation into police actions and create a general election system for the head of Hong Kong.

On September 4, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam announced the recall of a bill to extradite suspects and criminals to China, Macau and Taiwan. Despite this, protests continue in the country.

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