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Blizzard accused of “supporting Chinese censors.” Games are massively deleted, company employees protest

The reason for this reaction was the publisher’s decision to disqualify a player for publicly supporting protests in Hong Kong.

“New Blizzard logo” u / laylow_lof

Fans of Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Hearthstone are on social media against Blizzard politics. Users announce a boycott of games, plan to file massive complaints and arrange flash mobs. Meanwhile, company employees taped the publisher’s democratic slogans, and US senators criticized the developer.

Blizzard began to be criticized after the publisher announced the disqualification of Hong Kong player Wai Chung from the Hearthstone tournament for calling for the release of Hong Kong during a live broadcast. The company suspended the e-sportsman from participating in competitions for a year and deprived of prizes for “insulting the public” and damaging the brand’s image.

Blizzard disqualified and stripped the prize …The esportsman demanded the release of Hong Kong in a post-match interview.

The publisher also fired match commentators who interviewed Wai Chung. They did not know that the esportsman would talk about the liberation of Hong Kong and did not respond to his exclamation.

Officially, Blizzard did not comment on the scandal. The decision to remove blitzchung was the company’s latest public announcement. The player himself said that he was expecting a ban, and also emphasized that he was unlikely to continue to play in Hearthstone, but had not yet decided.

Meanwhile, the developers of the card game Gods Unchained, a competitor to Hearthstone, promised to pay the player the prize they were deprived of. Bloomberg reported that cybersportsman should have paid 10 thousand dollars.

Blizzard had just banned Blitzchung and robbed him of prize money because they care more about money than freedom. 
We will pay ALL of his lost money and give a ticket to our championship with a prize pool of 500 thousand dollars. 
No player can be punished for his beliefs.

After this news, in subreddits devoted to the publisher’s games, users began to report that they refused to play StarCraft , HearthStone and World of Warcraft , although these were their favorite titles. They supported protesters in Hong Kong and criticized publisher censorship. Solidarity posts with Wai Chung also appeared on the official Blizzard forum.

The hashtag #BoycottBlizzard (“Blizzard Boycott”) has been launched on Twitter . Users posted screenshots to posts that unsubscribed from and explained this decision by supporting Hong Kong protests. World of warcraft

WoW Game Designer Mark Kern: “Done” / “I made this game with the team. 
I oppose Blizzard’s fear of China and the disqualification of Blitzchung. 
I challenge Blizzard to fight for the truth. ”

Vox Journalist: “I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since the game was released. 
But that was an easy decision. ”/“ I support the protesters in Hong Kong and democracy ”

Unsubscribed from WoW and refunded money for Warcraft 3

Hi Blizzard 
I will not install your client until you decide that doing the right thing is more important than Chinese money

When a note about the disqualification got into the subreddit r / WorldNews, where all the world news is published, the moderators removed it from the main page due to the “misleading headline”. The article was entitled “Blizzard disqualified a player at Hearthstone for supporting Hong Kong.” Users of the section devoted to this game associated the decision of the moderators with censorship.

When publications criticizing Blizzard filled the main page of the company ‘s official subreddit , administrators temporarily put it in private mode. The moderators explained the decision by the fact that in the section there were a lot of “comments and posts that violate the rules.”

By the time of writing, the subreddit is available, but the main page is completely filled with memes with mockery of Blizzard and their connection with China.

The Chinese state – shuts up all the minions that oppose you, and takes their prize (referring to the photo of an unknown rebel who, for half an hour, alone held back a column of tanks during the uprising on Tiananmen Square in 1989) u / SuperSkeleBones

EA: “I am the worst company in the world! 
I demand microtransactions for downloading the menu ”/ Blizzard:“ I punish e-sportsmen for supporting people who fight for their freedom … ”/ EA:“ You are obviously worse ” u / ryanwashington

u / Vexans27

Overwatch’s Chinese hero May was made a symbol of protests in Hong Kong.

“It would be so embarrassing if Overwatch May became a symbol of democracy and Blizzard games were banned in China.” U / jordan_fluffystar

Fight for freedom, support Hong Kong

In the remaining thematic sections on Blizzard games, memes and posts also appear that criticize the publisher, but less often.

Link to the photo of an unknown rebel r / StarCraft

Blizzard – Freedom of Speech  r / StarCraft

Forbidden Words – Free Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Century r / Hearthstone

The moderator of the subreddit dedicated to the Hearthstone game resigned due to the fact that he “can no longer support this company.” Users of the same section decided to file complaints on a massive scale against Blizzard under the General Data Protection Regulation, which is valid in the European Union.

According to this law, the user has the right to demand all the information that the company has about him and for what purpose it stores it. Such a requirement is difficult to fulfill, and corporations spend 2-7 days to answer one complaint. If the company does not provide information within 30 days, then it can be fined.

If the company receives a large number of requirements, then the processing of each will cost them a large amount. In the end, they will have to hire outside lawyers. If you live in the European Union, send a complaint to Blizzard.

user u / randomwordbot

Other users began to share tips on refunding a virtual ticket to BlizzCon, which will be held in early November. They called for a flash mob to come to the festival in T-shirts with the words “I Stand with Hong Kong” (“I support Hong Kong”).

During the stream of the Hearthstone student championship in the USA, one of the teams showed the poster “Free Hong Kong, boycott Blizz” (“Free Hong Kong, boycott Blizzard”). Commentators of the match didn’t react at all, and the team’s live broadcast was turned off immediately and for the whole day.

Some Blizzard employees also opposed the company’s decision to disqualify a Hong Kong player. The slogans “Think globally” and “Every vote counts” on an orc monument near an office in Irvine were sealed with sheets of paper.

Not everyone at Blizzard agrees on what happened. 
This morning, indignant employees closed the slogans “Think Globally” and “Every vote counts”

It looks like a now sealed monument

Even American senators also spoke out against Blizzard: Democrat Ron Wyden and Republican Marco Rubio.

Blizzard is showing its desire to humiliate itself to please the Chinese Communist Party. 
No American company should become a censor to make quick money

Understand what happened here. 
People who do not live in China must either engage in self-censorship or face layoffs and denials. 
China uses market access as a lever to destroy freedom of speech around the world. 
The consequences of this will be tangible even after all current US policies are gone.

When Chinese censors were criticized in an episode of South Park, authorities removed all references to the animated series from the country’s online segment. A similar scandal happened with the NBA. After the manager of the Houston Rockets basketball team Daryl Mowry supported the Hong Kong protests on his Twitter, in China they decided to suspend all communications with the team. Later, Mouri and the NBA apologized to fans from China.

Since mid-June 2019, mass demonstrations have been held in Hong Kong . Initially, residents opposed the adoption of a law on the extradition of suspects to mainland China. Later, the holding of general elections, the creation of a commission to investigate the legality of police actions and an amnesty for protesters were added to the list of protesters’ demands. On September 4, Hong Kong head Carrie Lam announced the recall of the bill, but protests continued.

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