In Ukraine, due to lack of fuel, a cargo plane crashed. Three people died

An-12 flew from Spain to Turkey, there were 8 people on board.

Photo by Vladislav Krikliy

In Ukraine, three people died in an emergency landing of an An-12 cargo plane near Lviv Airport. This was announced by the Minister of Infrastructure of the country Vladislav Krikliy, the information was confirmed by the State Emergency Service.

Four more were injured, the search for the remaining continues, their fate is unknown. The plane flew from Spain to Turkey, and in Lvov it was supposed to land for refueling. On board were 7 crew members and one escort.

At 7:29 a.m. [Moscow time] one crew member contacted and reported that the An-12 aircraft made an emergency landing. At 7:46, the An-12 plane was found at a distance of 1.5 kilometers from the runway.

Press Service of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies.

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