The entertainment channel show “Friday” received TEFI for the best news program. It bypassed Channel One, VGTRK and NTV

Bondarchuk was recognized as the interviewer of the year, and Urgant was recognized as the best entertainer.

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On October 2, the Moscow Theater of Musical hosted the ceremony of announcing the winners of the TEFI-2019 Prize in the Evening Prime category. The show “Friday! News” received an award for the best news program, bypassing Channel One, VGTRK and NTV. The broadcast of the ceremony was conducted by the NTV channel.

Finalists in the nomination “Information program” were also “Everything for the Match” and “News”. Members – “Time” Channel One, “Developments” TV channel “TV Center”, “News. Final release ” Channel “Fifth”, “TODAY with Vladimir Chernyshev”NTV Channel. In total, the Friday television channel received 12 TEFI awards: 7 in the Daytime broadcast category and 5 in the Evening Prime Time category.

The best interviewer was chosen by Fyodor Bondarchuk for the program “Cinema in Details”. Along with him in the nomination were Aleksey Yagudin, the program “The ice is melting with Alexei Yagudin” and Naila Asker-zade, the program “Characters from Naila Asker-zade”. Since the summer of 2018, Roskomnadzor has blocked more than a thousand publications about the connection of this journalist with the head of VTB Andrey Kostin. Bondarchuk said that he had been waiting for this moment for 15 years and regrets that he did not have time to talk with people such as Mark Zakharov and George Danelia.

Daytime Winners

  • Morning program – “Friday Morning” (“Friday”);
  • The leader of the morning program is Regina Todorenko (Regina + 1, Friday);
  • Daytime talk show – “The Fate of a Man with Boris Korchevnikov” (“Russia-1”);
  • Entertainment program “Lifestyle” – “Secret Millionaire” (“Friday”);
  • Educational program – “Peace inside out with Dmitry Komarov” (“Friday”);
  • TV game – “What? Where? When? ”(Channel One);
  • Documentary project – “Ask from the sky” (“Friday”);
  • Investigative Journalism – Insiders. Investigation with implementation ”(“ Friday ”);
  • Sports television project – Total Football (Match TV);
  • The host of the sports program / sports commentator is Dmitry Guberniev “Biathlon, women’s relay at the World Cup in Oberhof” (Channel One);
  • Daytime television series – IP Pirogova (Super);
  • The program for children and youth is “Eagle and Tails. Family “with Ekaterina Gordeeva and Nikolai Solodnikov” (“Friday”);
  • Reality show – “The Last Hero. Actors against psychics “(” TV-3 “);
  • Broadcast / non-broadcast television show promotion – Promotional campaign “World Cup 2018 on Channel One” (Channel One).

Winners in the Evening Prime category

  • Information program – “Friday! News ”(“ Friday ”);
  • The presenter of the information program is Dmitry Guberniev “Everything for the Match!” (“Match TV”);
  • Reporting reporter / cameraman – Dmitry Zanin “LIVE World Championship” (“Match TV”);
  • The host of the informational and analytical final program – Mikhail Shvydkoi Agora (Russia-K);
  • Information and analytical final program – “Agora” (“Russia-K”);
  • Interviewer – Fedor Bondarchuk “Cinema in the Details” (STS);
  • Prime time entertaining talk show – “Agent Show with Anastasia Ivleeva” (“Friday”);
  • The host of the prime time entertainment talk show is Anastasia Ivleeva “Agent Show with Anastasia Ivleeva” (“Friday”);
  • Prime-time social and political talk show – “60 minutes” (“Russia-1”);
  • The host of the prime time social and political talk show is Dmitry Kulikov “The Right to Know” (“TV Center”);
  • Entertainment program – “On the Knives with Konstantin Ivlev” (“Friday”);
  • Leading the entertainment program – Ivan Urgant “Evening Urgant” (Channel One);
  • Comedy program / show – “Evening Urgant” (Channel One);
  • Television multi-part comedy / sitcom – “Policeman from Rublevka” (TNT);
  • The director of the television film / series is Boris Khlebnikov “Ordinary Woman” (“TV-3”);
  • The best actor of a television film / series – Sergey Burunov “Myodrama” (“Friday”);
  • The best actress of a television film / series – Anna Mikhalkova “Ordinary Woman” (“TV-3”);
  • Television film / series – “Ordinary Woman” (“TV-3”);
  • Television producer of the season – Valery Fedorovich, Evgeny Nikishov (“TV-3”);
  • The event of the television season is “Coverage of the World Cup in Russia in the special Ball studio” (“Match TV”).
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