At “” put up for sale a Batmobile for 55 million rubles

This is a copy of the superhero car from the movie "Batman vs. Superman" with a thermal imager, a laser sight and a "gun" on the bumper.

A copy of the Batmobile from the 2016 movie of Zack Snyder appeared on The length of the car released in 2018 is 6 meters and the width is 4 meters. The declared value of the car is 55 million rubles.

FastBoomPro bureau delivered it to Russia from the USA, after which the Batmobile was substantially modified, paying special attention to the body and electronics. In the States it was used mainly at thematic events, and it was possible to go on it only in one gear.

Already in Russia, automatic doors were made in the Batmobile, the pneumatic system was installed on shock absorbers, the windows were replaced by armored ones, and a quick-detachable steering wheel was installed, just like racing cars.

In addition, the car was equipped with a night vision camera, a thermal imager with 255x zoom, a laser sight and a copy of the “gun” on the front bumper, which simulates shooting.

The car has a five-liter V8 engine with 502 horsepower and an automatic transmission. At the same time, the Batmobile is not adapted for city roads – in the city it can be transported only on special vehicles.

According to the owners, there are four such cars in the world – two in the UAE, one each in the USA and Russia.

In 2016, sold a copy of the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s films, also brought to Russia by FastBoomPro. Then the cost of the vehicle was one million euros, or 75.6 million rubles.

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