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A nine-year-old boy from Minnesota accidentally won a 10 km race, turning the wrong way in a 5 km race

He ran 10 kilometers in 48 minutes.

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Minnesota nine-year-old boy Cade Lovell accidentally won a 10-kilometer race. According to SC Times, he confused the routes of the 5-kilometer and 10-kilometer race.

During the race, Cade saw a turn with a mark on the 5-kilometer race, but one of the women said that he should continue to run straight. He was a little embarrassed, but continued the race. The boy found an error at the end of the route when he saw a 10-kilometer mark, and the race organizer informed him of the victory.

The mother of a young runner, Heather Lovell, said that she was very worried about him. She was waiting for her son at the finish of the 5-kilometer track, but he did not show up at all. When Heather rushed to look for him, the audience told her that they saw the boy on the 10-kilometer race track.

Cade ran a 10-kilometer track in 48 minutes. He was one minute ahead of his closest 40-year-old rival. After completing the race, the boy announced that he plans to participate in the Youth Olympic Games this winter.

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