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A homeless emigrant from Russia sang opera parties in the Los Angeles subway. The police launched a fundraiser for her housing

The video with the woman’s speech was published on the city police instagram.

A Los Angeles police officer uploaded to Instagram a performance by a homeless woman performing an opera aria on the subway. The video gained popularity, and the city authorities launched a fundraising campaign for a woman. It is reported by The Washington Post.

Four million people call Los Angeles home. Four million stories. Four million votes. Sometimes you just need to stop and listen to one one to hear something beautiful

In the video, the woman performed an aria from the opera of the Italian composer Giacomo Puccini. Soon, American journalists drew attention to the publication.

NBC Los Angeles reporters found the homeless. The woman said that her name is Emily Zamourka, now she is 52 years old. She grew up in Russia, moved to the USA at 24. She does not have a vocal education, and she learned to sing, imitating the performers from the TV.

Locals told ABC that Zamurka had previously played the cello and performed in front of shopping centers. Soon, a tool worth ten thousand dollars was stolen from her. The woman fell ill, lost the opportunity to pay for housing and was forced to live on the streets.

After the video, the police, together with the city authorities, launched a campaign to raise money for Zamurka’s housing. For a while she was accommodated in a hotel and already found a job. The woman was also invited to speak at the opening of the Italian festival.

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