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VKontakte will start showing ads to users who have scanned social network QR codes

The company claims that user information will be anonymized.

VKontakte will allow businesses to show ads to users who have scanned a special QR code. It can not be created in the usual “designer” – only in the advertising office of the social network. 

As explained in the social networks, thanks to the innovation, the business will be able to “continue communication” with visitors to events or points of sale, as well as study the effectiveness of specific offline platforms for advertising purposes. VKontakte noted that advertisers will see only the number of people who have scanned QR codes – the rest of the user information will be anonymized.

At the same time, users will not be able to know in advance about scanning QR codes with retargeting, because externally they will not differ from ordinary VKontakte QR codes. The press service also explained to TJ that users will not be sent separate data collection notifications.

There are no separate alerts, however, I remind you that the information that advertisers receive is impersonal. We do not transmit any personal information of users – the advertiser sees only the size of the audience.

In this case, the same principles work as with any other targeted advertising: for example, sites using a pixel collect anonymized information about customers.

Vkontakte press service

Evangelist VKontakte for business Alexandra Cherkas noted that with the help of retargeting by QR codes, a business can re-attract the attention of a client. For example, offer a discount, show a new collection or ask to leave a review.

On September 3, VKontakte launched a free QR code designer, with which you can share links, events, geolocation, or data about a Wi-Fi network. Then the head of the product QR codes of the social network said that over six months they were used more than 10 million times.

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