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In New York, fined up to 250 thousand dollars for the use of the term “illegal immigrant”

City officials found the phrase offensive.

New York authorities have imposed fines for using the terminology “illegal alien” (illegal alien) and “illegal” (illegals). According to CNN, now residents and visitors of the city can be fined for violation of 250 thousand dollars.

Phrases are considered offensive. The authorities also banned discrimination based on signs characteristic of immigrants – lack of knowledge of the language, origin, and other parameters.

The City Human Rights Commission identified several cases of discrimination against immigrants and described them in a 29-page directive. It turned out that the owners of some hotels forbade attendants to speak their native language, because this could supposedly scare away the guests. Also, one of the landlords threatened an Indian family with a call to the migration service when they complained about mold and cockroaches in their apartment. To combat such situations, the commission issued a special guide .

We are proud to work with the New York Human Rights Commission to create this important guide. We fight the rhetoric of the federal government, which develops fear and xenophobia. This threatens the health and well-being of immigrant communities.

Bita Mostofi

Immigrant Mayor

In September 2019, a New York court ordered the landlord to pay 17 thousand dollars in compensation for the threat of a call to the immigration service.

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