A video appeared in Telegram with a mini version of the Yandex “smart” column before the official announcement. She can be controlled by gestures

source confirmed the authenticity of the video.

In the Telegram chat of the owners of Yandex smart columns, a video appeared with a prototype of the new version of the Yandex.Station mini-version, which has not yet been announced and has not been released. As reported by the publication “Code of Durov”, the video was later removed from the chat.

In the video, the user can control the column using gestures. The column plays different sounds depending on the position of the hand above it.

Officially, Yandex refused to comment on the situation. However, a source close to the company confirmed to that the mini-version of Yandex.Stations that had not yet been released was indeed shown on the video.

In April, RBC announced permission to import into the EurAsEC two new Yandex.Stations Mini and Yandex.Stations Plus, two new smart columns of the company.

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