At the 86th year of life, the director of “12 Chairs” and “The Same Munchausen” Mark Zakharov died

Among his other works are “Train Stop - Two Minutes”, “Ordinary Miracle” and “Formula of Love”.

At the 86th year of life, the director and People’s Artist of the USSR Mark Zakharov died. He is known for the films “12 Chairs” (1976), “Ordinary Miracle” (1978) and “The Same Munchausen” (1979). This was reported by TASS.

Zakharov was also the artistic director of the Moscow theater Lenkom. Theater Director Mark Warsawer said that Zakharov died as a result of repeated pneumonia.

Mark Anatolyevich Zakharov died today after a long illness. The last of the Magikans died.Mark Warsawer.

Theater Director Lenkom

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