Musk announced the first Starship test flight in one to two months

The ship is planned to be put into orbit within six months.

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The head of SpaceX, Elon Musk, said that the first flight of the Starship to an altitude of about 20 kilometers will take place in one to two months. He talked about this at a presentation in Texas. Musk called similar dates a month before the official presentation.

Musk said Starship could go into orbit in less than six months. “This will sound crazy, but I think we want to reach the orbit in less than six months,” he said. The head of SpaceX said that the new ship belongs to the reusable category, but it will not return to the ground vertically, like other rockets.

Starship will descend at a hypersonic speed at an angle of 60 degrees, like a skydiver, just controlling itself, and then turn [nozzles to the Earth] and land.

Elon Musk

head of spacex

Starship is designed to fly to Mars and other interplanetary missions, its capacity is 100 people. The prototype of the ship is made of alloy steel, its length is 50 meters, its diameter is nine meters.

At this presentation, Musk also said that nothing indicates the existence of aliens.

Maybe there is some other life, but we did not see any of its signs.

On August 28, the SpaceX Starship prototype, nicknamed Starhopper, successfully passed the “jump” flight test in Texas. He rose to a height of 150 meters, hovered in the air and gently landed.

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