The researcher spoke about the “uncorrectable” vulnerability for iOS, which affects “hundreds of millions of devices”

It is contained in the bootloader, which is installed only once - at the factory.

A cybersecurity researcher under the pseudonym “axi0mX” spoke about the vulnerability for iOS devices running on processors from A5 (iPhone 4S) to A11 (iPhone 8 and iPhone X). He called the exploit checkm8 and published it publicly on GitHub.

According to the researcher, the vulnerability is contained in the bootloader. It is recorded only at the factory and only once – then this section of the memory remains read-only.

As noted at The Verge, the checkm8 vulnerability may be one of the largest finds of iOS researchers in recent years. This is the first bootloader level vulnerability after the iPhone 4, which was released almost ten years ago. If it really exists, then Apple will not be able to fix it through iOS updates and secure users.

At the same time, exploitation of the vulnerability will require physical access to the device via USB. While it is considered “tied” – for it to use it will have to connect a smartphone to a computer every time.

In addition, developers have not yet published jailbreaks based on checkm8. Users can’t download the finished tool, hack the device and start downloading applications or modifying iOS.

In the case of successful operation of checkm8, owners of suitable devices from iPhone 4S to iPhone X will be able to get a “lifetime” jailbreak. Theoretically, it will work regardless of Apple’s actions.

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