NBC reporters discover cyanide in cannabis vape cartridges

The investigation was published amid unknown pulmonary vascular disease in the United States.

NBC News reporters tested 10 vape cartridges with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and found cyanide in each case. The mixture turned into poison after heating. This is stated in the investigation of the channel.

As the journalists found out, each cartridge contained a fungicide, which when heated turned into hydrogen cyanide. A substance better known as hydrocyanic acid can lead to cardiovascular failure and cardiac arrest.

NBC News published its investigation amid a major scandal in the United States due to an unknown lung disease that spread among vapers. Because of it , 12 people have already died , and the victims launched a campaign to ban electronic cigarettes.

The US authorities have not yet officially announced the cause of the disease, however, some researchers have linked the disease with vitamin E acetate, which is found in many cannabis vaping fluids. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) partially denied this version, saying that the substance was contained in only 55% of cases of the disease.

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