The photographer dropped the iPhone 6S from an airplane into the valley of Iceland. After 13 months, a working smartphone was found and returned to the owner

It seems that the indestructible Nokia 3310 has a rival, ready to compare with the legendary phone in terms of strength.

Haukur Snorrason Photo Haukur Snorrason

The photographer accidentally dropped the iPhone 6s Plus from the plane – after 13 months, the tourists found the phone and returned the device to the owner. The smartphone has been lying on the ground for more than a year and has remained in working condition. It is reported by The Next Web.

In August 2018, photographer Haukur Snorrason went on a small airplane photo tour to capture the annual floods on the Skaft River in southern Iceland. When he took the iPhone to shoot the video, the device blew it away with a gust of wind.

The phone fell from a height of 60 meters in a rocky area where the river overflowed and flooded the road. Then Snorrason thought he had said goodbye to the iPhone forever. But he still contacted a local farmer and asked him to look for a smartphone, since he himself could not go in search of because of the floods. The attempt turned into failure.

13 months later, Snorrason received a call from travelers who found his phone while hiking. After falling from an airplane, the iPhone spent more than a year in harsh weather and remained in working condition.

“On September 14, a pair of Icelanders strolled in that valley and saw a telephone lying on the ground. They contacted the landowners, who realized that this is my iPhone when they connected it to the computer. The device showed: “iPhone Haukura”, ”Snorrasson told the publication.

When the photographer dropped the phone, the device was in the video mode. Therefore, Snorrason retained a movie with a smartphone flying to the ground. In the video, the iPhone spins in the air and lands down on the screen.

Video The Next Web

“Fortunately, the phone fell on one of the pieces of moss that grow in areas of frozen lava. Moss in this area is quite dense and can grow up to 30 centimeters. I think this is what allowed the smartphone to survive, ”Snorrasson told the publication. He is confident that the iPhone remained operational because it fell into the moss and was in a case that protected the device from Icelandic weather.

Snorrason with a rescued iPhone

Snorrason emphasized that only the microphone failed in the telephone: “I can still use the Internet, send photos and videos. But during the call, my interlocutor does not hear me. This is the only damage that the smartphone received. ”

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