On sale appeared robotic Boston Dynamics Spot

Engineers have not yet revealed how much it will cost - according to them, it all depends on the configuration of the device and its functions.

Boston Dynamics said it began selling the production version of the four-legged Spot robot, formerly known as SpotMini. In addition to the robot itself, engineers developed additional equipment for it, mounted on the back: a panoramic camera and a robotic arm.

Spot has also built in dance moves. Initially, specialists in the field of robotics considered this a function for PR devices, but now the company plans that entertainment will be a separate market for the robot. Boston Dynamics is already collaborating with the circus Cirque du Soleil to use it on stage in the future.

The company also said it was not interested in using Spot during hostilities. “We don’t want Spot to do things that harm people, even in mock mode,” said Michael Perry, vice president of business development at Boston Dynamics. “That’s what we stand pretty firmly on when we talk to customers.”

According to the manufacturer, Spot is able to overcome difficult routes, including rocky terrain, stairs, thickets and hazardous industrial areas. Its speed is 1.6 m / s (5.76 km / h), and the charge of the replaceable battery is enough for 90 minutes of operation. At the same time, the robot is capable of carrying a load of 14 kg. Built-in cameras provide 360 ​​° visibility. IP54 water and dust protection is provided, and the operating temperature range varies from -20 ° C to 45 ° C.

Robopes can be used in hazardous industries, during construction work and to detect gas leaks – for this you need to connect a methane detector to it.

Ordinary buyers will not be able to purchase the development yet. Boston Dynamics plans to sell its Spot robot on leasing terms, The Verge reports . The leasing procedure will be available only to companies. You can already submit an application on the official Boston Dynamics website.

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