Full translation of the conversation between Trump and Zelensky, because of which they launched the formal impeachment procedure of the US president

The allegations were not confirmed: Trump did not exert pressure on the president of Ukraine and did not demand to provide incriminating evidence on Joe Biden, his potential rival in the upcoming elections.

Trump and Zelensky with his wives. 
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On September 25, the White House published a transcript of Donald Trump’s conversation with Vladimir Zelensky, but the document says that this is not a verbatim transcript. Because of this conversation, Democrats in Congress launched a formal impeachment process for the US president. Politicians and the media claimed that Trump in the conversation promised to resume providing assistance to Ukraine if Zelensky helps him find incriminating evidence on Joe Biden, who could become a rival to the US leader in the 2020 elections.

After the transcript was published, the U.S. Department of Justice said it had not found a violation of the law in a conversation between Trump and Zelensky. TJ publishes a translation of the presidents phone call.

  • Trump did discuss with Zelensky the closure of the case against Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden. The President of Ukraine has promised that the new Prosecutor General will deal with this matter. Hunter Biden served on the board of directors of one of Ukraine’s largest private gas companies, and his father demanded the dismissal of the Ukrainian prosecutor general, who was investigating the case;
  • Trump criticized Germany and other European countries for providing insufficient assistance to Ukraine. And the Ukrainian president accused the FRG and France of non-compliance with sanctions against the Russian Federation;
  • Zelensky said that he stayed at Trump Tower during his last visit to New York;
  • The American leader asked Zelensky about the location of the server with hacked mail of the Democratic Party, which may be located in Ukraine.

The American leader said that the publication of the transcript of the conversation will remove any suspicion from him. After the White House made it public, Trump announced that he was awaiting an apology.

Will the Democrats apologize after they read what was said during my conversation with the Ukrainian president? 
They should have a perfect call – caught them by surprise!

The Washington Post journalist Annie Linsky doubted that it was a complete transcript, not a retelling: “The 30-minute conversation fit on five pages.” However, it is not reported anywhere whether the presidents talked privately. According to the protocol , country leaders must speak the language of the state and use translators from both sides, even if they can communicate freely in one language.

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