Residents of Indonesia protest against legislative ban on sex before marriage

Authorities propose punishing a year in prison for premarital sexual intercourse.

Photo by Willy Kurniawan, Reuters

Tens of thousands of Indonesians rallied against the adoption of a law banning sex before marriage. According to Reuters, the authorities propose criminalizing them.

Protests took place in several cities of the country. In the capital, residents threw stones, sticks and other rubbish at the police. The siloviki in response used water cannons and tear gas.

According to the publication, the Indonesian authorities are proposing criminal penalties for sex before marriage (up to one year in prison), cohabitation before marriage (up to six months in prison), abortion (up to four years in prison) and a number of other points. The Washington Post reports it also includes discrimination against sexual minorities and restriction of freedom of speech.

Consideration of the bill was scheduled for September 24, but the president of Indonesia, Joko Vidodo, postponed it due to mass unrest. New date for discussion of the law is not called

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