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Donald Trump impeachment launched in US Congress

Trump is alleged to have demanded that Vladimir Zelensky investigate Joe Biden’s son.

The U.S. Congress announced the start of an investigation into the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The corresponding video message was posted on Twitter by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

According to RIA Novosti, the reason for the impeachment is Trump’s conversation with the head of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, in which the US president allegedly demanded an investigation into the activities of the son of presidential candidate Joe Biden. Pelosi said that he betrayed the integrity of the American elections and national security.

Donald Trump pointed out that Pelosi ruined a very important day in the life of the United Nations (UN) and called her words “the beginning of a witch hunt.”

The US President also noted that the Democrats have not yet read the full transcript of the conversation with Zelensky. He said that he had received the consent of the Ukrainian government to publicize the conversation and promised to publish its full transcript.

Now the House of Representatives is to investigate Trump. After this charge, the US Senate will consider.

In March 2019, Pelosi, in a conversation with reporters in the Washington Post, stated that she was opposed to the impeachment procedure. She emphasized that this is too much separating the country.

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