Florida policeman fired after arrest of two six-year-old children

He did not receive the consent of the leadership to arrest the children - this is a violation of the job description.

Reserve officer Dennis Turner, who was responsible for guarding one of the Florida state schools, was fired from his job due to abuse of authority. He arrested two six-year-old children, reports NBC.

According to Orlando Rolon, the chief of police in the city of Orlando, Turner violated the job description – the police must obtain permission from the leadership in order to detain a child under 12 years old.

Turner first arrested a six-year-old girl for kicking a classmate. Then he arrested the boy at the same school, but then released him to his relatives.

The district attorney said she was not going to harass the children. The girl’s case was closed the next morning. They also promised to close the boy’s case as soon as it comes to the prosecutor’s office.

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