CoinHive miner creators report 2 million concurrent connections

In a week, they reached about 5% of the mining power of the entire Monero cryptocurrency network.

In just a week after the advent of the Monero cryptocurrency JavaScript miner called CoinHive, more than 2.2 million users via the WebSocket protocol were simultaneously connected to it. Together, the power they generated was at the peak of 13.5 megachashes per second, which is approximately 5% of the entire mining pool of the Monero blockchain, CoinHive developers said in their blog .

CoinHive mining pool power growth chart

According to the developers, on September 15th they had only one server, and a week later they expanded to 28 web proxies, six web servers, two servers with databases and two virtual servers to maintain the system.

CoinHive positions itself as an alternative way of making money for websites for advertising banners, but some sites implement it secretly, and they struggle with CoinHive in the same way – using browser extensions like AdBlock. The company recognizes that such a reaction is “fair at the moment”, and intends to release an update to its library, within which the site user will need to independently confirm that he wants to give the computer resources for mining.

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