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“Emmy-2019”: rejection of the host, the triumph of “Rubbish” and farewell to the “Game of Thrones”

Streaming services continue to outpace television channels, but cannot keep up with HBO.

Phoebe Waller Bridge, actress and screenwriter “Rubbish” Getty Photos 

On the night of September 23 in Los Angeles, for the 71st time, the Emmy Television Award was presented . Prizes received the best series and programs of the previous season, released in prime time.

Curious about the laureates

The hero of the evening was the Game of Thrones, which brought together 12 statuettes. However, if we discard technical awards, the series received only two major Emmys – for the “best drama series” and “best supporting actor in a drama series” – despite the fact that its nominees were scattered across all “dramatic” categories.

The main comedy project suddenly became “Rubbish”, who took “Emmy” for the best series. Starring in the show, Phoebe Waller Bridge received “comedy” figurines for best actress and best screenplay. Having won five Emmys in 2018, The Amazing Mrs. Maisel, this time won two statuettes for best supporting comedic roles.

The “Vice President” was absent from the 2018 Emmy because he did not release the season due to Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s illness – and with the final season did not receive any awards in nine categories. It turned out ironic: the producers staged a tribute to the series, where they invited Hugh Laurie – he called the project “the funniest” with the “best comedy acting” that he had ever seen.

Among the mini-series, Chernobyl became a laureate , bypassing Sharp Objects and Escape from Dannemore Prison. Once again, Netflix took the “Best TV Movie”, this year with a special episode of The Black Mirror – Brandashmyg .

According to media reports, the historic event was the victory of Billy Porter from the show “Pose” in the category “Best Actor in a Drama Series”. This is the first victory of a dark-skinned open gay Emmy. Porter beat Jason Bateman (Ozark), Keith Harington (Game of Thrones) and Bob Odinkirk (Better Call Saul).

In 2018, Netflix and HBO received the same number of statuettes – 23 each. But this time, the streaming service with 27 awards failed to catch up with the channel that took 34 Emmys. Following are Amazon (15), National Geographic (8), NBC (7), CNN and FX (5 each), Hulu (4). The largest American channels ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC together received only 16 awards – this is the worst result in history.

The TV Network with the Most Emmys / 2018: NBO and Netflix / Good Attempt, Netflix

Red (purple) track

Lack of lead

Following the Oscars, Emmys also decided to abandon one host. The ceremony was opened by an icon of American television – Homer Simpson. The character in a tuxedo greeted the nominees and guests, but suddenly broke off, falling through a hole on the stage. He was replaced by comedian Anthony Anderson, who tried to “save the Emmy.” And then Brian Cranston read a serious monologue on the importance of television.

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Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert joked about the decision of the organizers to abandon the presenter, ironically calling him “a stupid idea.” Allegedly offended, the hosts of the evening shows called themselves the real “victims” of the evening. “The only thing we know is how to host the show,” Colbert emphasized. Kimmel summed up: “I’m sorry, but this program sucks.”

Leading in fact was the actor Thomas Lennon, who commented on the nominees between their speeches. In the middle of the ceremony, he remembered Felicity Huffman, who was sentenced to 14 days in prison for a bribe: “The producers asked me to say hello to the previous winners in the category” Best Actress “who watch us from prison.” In social networks, the reaction to his jokes was divided – some called them “suck” and tactless, while others, on the contrary, liked it .

Keith Harinton did not watch the final game of the Game of Thrones

When the show runners and actors of Game of Thrones received an award for the best drama series, they were asked how they felt about the fans’ reaction to the project finale. At first, it seemed that no one would answer the question, but then Keith Harinton stepped forward, playing the role of John Snow.

I still haven’t watched the finale. So I dealt with criticism. I didn’t watch the season, but I know how much effort it took to shoot. It was difficult, and we all went all out.

We knew that we were doing everything right. We knew what to do with the characters, since we had lived with them for ten years. Honestly, the debate around the finals did not concern us.

Keith Harinton


The winner of the Emmy was “robbed” anyway

The ceremony brought together all the participants in the cast of Game of Thrones, but only Peter Dinklage left with a fourth figurine for the role of Tyrion Lannister.

Speech by Peter Dinklage: “I am so lucky to be a member of a community that values ​​tolerance and diversity. 
Otherwise, I would not have stood on this stage. ”

Social networks considered that the rest of the actors, especially Emilia Clark, were unfairly deprived of the award.

Everyone whose Emmy was “stolen”, in color, 2019
Say what you want about the eighth season of Game of Thrones, but Emilia Clark deserves an Emmy! 
She was robbed!

They invented the acting game, and you cannot convince me

The fact that Lena never received an Emmy for Cersei just carries the brain. 
Peter won four times, but she didn’t even get it once?

Others, on the contrary, were outraged by the victory of the project in the category of the best drama series.

Sorry, but Game of Thrones did not deserve the Best Drama Series award for the final season. 
And “Better Call Saul” earned 100%.

These nichrome bastards don’t deserve

Strange music and dancing

During a musical performance, actor Adam Devine performed with a dancer dressed as Meryl Streep and wearing a mask with her face. Soon, a man on stilts appeared on the stage, imitating Larry King. The performance was completed by an orchestra of marching musicians, which led Devine to the applause of puzzled guests.

Seth and Stephen are so puzzled by an impromptu musical number, lol

This musical number was a huge waste of time. Emmys can no longer be shown on Fox. They are not ashamed to advertise their terrible shows

Twitter users also complained about strange musical interruptions during the awards. For example, during the presentation of the Chernobyl show runner’s release, the song “Shake It Out” by Florence and the Machine began to play , and during the award ceremony, “Feeling Good” by Nina Simon.

Who is the music director of this crappy show? 
They just turned on Feeling Good when Chernobyl won an Emmy for “Best Mini-Series”

The only normal musical interruption was “Super Fly” during Olivia’s performance, damn Pope (Scandal character)

It seems to me, or does it piss me off when they include classical music of black people, while neglecting the acting and talent of black people?

What the hell with these musical interruptions?

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