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A football fan asked for money for beer during a TV broadcast. It helped raise a million dollars to help children

The American who showed the poster on the air really began to send money. Therefore, he turned the collection into a large-scale charity event.

A fan of American football in the United States has launched a large-scale charity campaign to raise money for a children’s hospital. The most unusual thing in this story – it all started with a poster asking to send money for beer: the poster appeared on TV and there were so many translations that the joke grew into something more.

“Throw off the money”

Student sports are very developed in the USA: thousands of fans go to it, and broadcasts of important matches sometimes attract more attention than games of professional teams. The U.S. college football championship shows ESPN, and the College GameDay is on display before the games.

Leading programs often speak against local fans. This happened on September 14 in Iowa, where the teams of the University of Iowa and the University of Iowa were to meet. The 24-year-old Iowa State fan Carson King also came to the stadium where they were broadcast.

The guy took a comic poster with the inscription “I need to replenish [Busch Light] Beer Light”. Below he indicated his details in the Venmo payment system. The main stage had too many people, so King stood near the “secondary”. And there he unexpectedly ended up right behind the backs of the hosts, getting on federal ESPN broadcast.

King at that time did not know that his poster was shown for a long time on the main sports channel in the USA. He began to suspect something when notifications began to come in large numbers on the phone. Half an hour after appearing on TV, King had $ 400 in his account.

From beer to national action

At first, a fan of the student team thought that he would simply fulfill the idea and really replenish beer supplies. But at around $ 600, he wondered what to do next. After a discussion with his parents, King announced that the money sent to him would go to the Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Iowa State University built this clinic in 2017 – its windows face the football stadium. At every home game, spectators wave to patients at the hospital.

A day after the ESPN broadcast, King already had 3 thousand dollars. Then the story came to the beer brand Busch Beer, for the production of which the guy initially raised money. Representatives of the company announced on social networks that they support the campaign and will double the amount that the football fan will collect. The same thing was promised in the Venmo payment system.

At that time, it turned out that King was transferring 3 thousand dollars, another 3 thousand were added by Busch Beer, another 3 thousand were added by Venmo.
This is the best thing we read in a year, it inspired us. 
We will repeat your donation to the hospital and send you the beer you wanted.
We have seen many cool stories, but this is one of our favorites. 
We will repeat your donation to the hospital too.

The story was spread in social networks and the media, after which the number of Kingu’s transfers increased sharply. Money was sent by both ordinary Americans and companies. On September 22, King announced that the total number of donations to the hospital exceeded one million dollars – which means that the inscription on the poster collected at least 333 thousand dollars.

“This hospital is a significant part of Iowa. They help children from all over the country. They are one of the best in their field. Therefore, I decided that this is a great way to help them somehow, ”King said. According to the American, he had already helped the hospital at charity marathons.
What a week! 
We are shocked by your generosity, and here is a short message for everyone who helped children

Fundraising will last until the end of September. After that, King will personally come to the hospital, meet with the children and give the check – the hospital management asked for this. Also, the poster author this week became a local celebrity, having been on the air of various shows and, in fact, launched a national charity flash mob.

However, King kept some of the money for himself. We are talking about 15 dollars sent thanks to the poster. On them he, as promised, will buy himself a package of beer.

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