For Chinese journalists, they will conduct a test of loyalty to Xi Jinping. Those who fail the exam will not be given a press card

You will need to pass the exam using the mobile application.

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About 10 thousand journalists from 14 state online publications in Beijing will pass “pilot tests” for Xi Jinping’s loyalty and knowledge of communist ideology. According to the South China Morning Post, after testing in October, all journalists from the country’s state media should pass the test.

Pilot tests can be completed using the Xuexi Qiangguo mobile app. As the publication explains, on this platform they post news, articles, videos and documentaries about the ideology of the Chinese Communist Party and the head of state.

The Media Oversight Office has announced that media certificates will only be issued to those journalists who have passed the exam. Those who do not pass the exam on the first try will be able to try the test again.

The exam consists of five sections, at least two of which are devoted to the political thinking of Xi Jinping and one to Marxism. Journalists will be able to prepare for the test, using examples of questions that will appear in the application from September 23.

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