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To the anniversary of “Friends”: Yandex has identified the most popular moments in the history of the series

Most often, those are not connected with the main storylines, but the audience liked or became the basis for memes.

Yandex conducted a study to determine the most popular moments in the history of the Friends series: for this, it was necessary to study the requests of users who wanted to see a specific scene or episode.

It turned out that most often they are looking for something related to Monica (“getting married,” “dancing,” “slept with Chandler,” “begins to meet with Chandler,” “talks about erogenous zones”). The main character of the series, the waitress Rachel, took only the second place in this list (“celebrates 30 years”, “gives birth”, “loses her apartment”, “gets pregnant”, “turns on a cat”), and Joey completes the list (“celebrates 30 years” , “Says” How are you “”, “teaches French”, “does not share food”, “learns about Monica and Chandler”). According to the results of the study, viewers most often look online for moments that are not related to the development of storylines, but have become the basis for memes.

Also, “Yandex” drew attention to search queries that mention two characters – connected by a relationship (mainly love) or a general situation (neighbors). Least of all in such requests Phoebe and Chandler meet together.

In the general top situations, the first line was occupied by an episode from the seventh season, in which all the heroes turned 30 years old.

September 22 marks exactly 25 years from the moment the first episode of Friends was aired. A quarter of a century later, he continues to enjoy the love of the Russian audience: in the user rating on KinoPoisk, the sitcom takes second place, second only to Game of Thrones.

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