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Live broadcast: “Assault Zone 51”

We follow how the craziest meme activity of the year, scheduled for September 20, is being realized.

This day came. In July, Facebook users planned on September 20, 2019, to storm the “Zone 51” – an American military base where the authorities allegedly store UFOs and experiment on aliens. As a result, the comic event got out of control: more than two million people signed up for the meeting, the assault became the main meme of the summer, and people really began to buy a ticket to Nevada, where the base is located.

And now the meme comes to life. The most interesting thing about this isnobody still understands what will happen on this day. Will a couple of thousand people come, or all two million? Will the planned music festivals be held or will people really run to a guarded military base that requested reinforcements by September 20?

Some links for those who missed the situation with “Zone 51”

When should the “assault” take place directly?

Initially, it was planned to be performed on September 20 at 4:20 in the afternoon on time of Nevada. 

The NHL Club Vegas Golden Knights invited fans to an open morning workout. They say come in extraterrestrial cosmums and get a chance to win our uniform. What the authorities just do not do to distract people from the assault …

Entertaining geography

I wrote earlier that from Las Vegas to get to “Zone 51” is quite difficult. BBC prepared a map. Rachel is the city where Alienstock runs. Hiko is an alien exploration center camp that also hosts events in honor of the assault. So if someone runs, then most likely from there.

Formally, “Zone 51” is not fenced by any fences or other obstacles, but several checkpoints lead there. Local journalists report that their guards were strengthened before September 20 – there are likely to be roads blocked altogether. 

From the photo it does not seem that this is some kind of serious gain. But, on the other hand, who knows what the military has in stock.

In contrast to Alienstock, the Area 51 Celebration festival. Roberts, when he left the organization of one festival, began to call everyone to this one. There are completely different scales: up to 10 thousand people are waiting, more famous groups are announced, themed parties are held. Yes, and it all goes in Las Vegas, where the infrastructure is better, it is at least easier to get there. The festival is sponsored by Bud Light, by the way.

But the main problem is that this is still Las Vegas. You can’t easily get to the “Zone 51” from the city, which means that some kind of connection with the “assault” is lost, even if no one runs. But why then did the entire Internet do all these memes? But in any case, the festival looks more solid – there the program will begin in a few hours.

Against this background, it must be said that at some point the organization of the “assault” was divided. Alienstock is considered to be the “most terrible”: it goes closest to “Zone 51”, it was made by local residents, one of the organizers was Matt Roberts for a long time – it was he who created a Facebook page about the attack on the military base.

The main problem was that all this was to take place in the town of Rachel with a population of 54 people, one bar and a hotel. Just imagine what would happen to the settlement if at least 10 thousand people arrived there. Therefore, a week before the “assault” Roberts left the organization. At first he said that he wanted his Burning Man, and then he said that he did not want his Fyre Fest. You can understand it.

But Alienstock still passes – a few hours ago they turned on the music there. According to the videos on social networks, it seems that there are not very many people there, but everything is pretty lamp: groups play, newcomers go, there are tourists from Poland, Australia and Britain. And again: in Nevada is not yet September 20.

The main question is how many people will “storm”

Because while the estimates are very different. Let’s just say – while in the world there were not very many real large-scale events that started with memes in social networks. And what will happen in Nevada in the following days will in any case be something unique. But there are chances that we will see tens of thousands of people, as well as several tens.

27 thousand people watch YouTube stream, where several people are allegedly located in the heart of Nevada. They say they will “document the assault” on this channel. So far, not much has been going on there, but at the moment this is the main video version of the event. It remains only to understand whether this is true or a joke.

Reddit users massively publish photos from airplanes with the caption “I’m leaving for Nevada.”

While the journalist of the American channel talked about the situation in Nevada, someone ran against the background in the “Naruto” style. Initially, when they planned an assault in Facebook, people wanted to run to the base like that.

Did someone come to Nevada to storm? Yes

Connie West (not to be confused with Kanye West) , the owner of Little A’Le’Inn, told Reuters that people from all over the world had already gathered for her. By the way, she helped to make the Alienstock festival in the desert, which was canceled shortly before the assault – they realized that it was a disastrous event for the organization. And nobody needs a second Fyre Fest in a place to which so much attention is now riveted.

In any case, it is still impossible to understand how many people will come to Nevada this weekend. Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee warned that if September 1 comes only 1% of the two million Facebook followers, the police will not be able to cope.

What am I talking about serious and serious – here’s a meme.

“I’m running away from Area 51 with toothpaste, which is recommended by 10 out of 10 dentists.”

First detentions

It is worth noting that the first “storming” near the border of “Zone 51” was detained a few days ago. On September 11, two bloggers from the Netherlands advanced several kilometers into the forbidden territory. They explained to the police that they had arrived in Nevada in the wake of the “assault.”

They were arrested for several days, and then released. The fine is $ 2,280.

About the military in “Zone 51”

Perhaps the first question that arises is: what about the defense of the base? We talked about this in detail. In short, it’s very difficult to get to the base, and camo dudes are on duty in the desert – this is the name of civil contractors with rifles and pickup trucks that prey on intruders. It’s better not to get caught: they say they don’t quite understand humor.

I have not mentioned rumors about seismic activity sensors and other joys of life. But the main thing: shortly before September 20, the base defense is even stronger! Two things are known for sure:

1) The US Air Force closed the airspace over Area 51 for the next few days. Most likely, do not fly media helicopters and drones;

2) The US Air Force sent help to Nevada! The military, by the way, repeatedly warned that memes are memes, but it’s better not to attack the base.

Let us briefly explain: the time difference between Russia and the USA is quite serious. According to local time, the assault was planned for September 20 at 4:20 in the afternoon (who would doubt it). Moscow time is 2:20 a.m. on September 21. Now in Nevada it’s already night.

But in fact, a lot of interesting things have happened in the last hours, we will tell about this for now.

Today we will be talking all day (and, apparently, night) about what is happening around the “Storm Zone 51”. What can we expect today? I have no idea, this is the interest. An atypical situation developed: a comic offer to abduct aliens from a base attracted hundreds of thousands of people. But will they go to Nevada? And what will they do there.

While the assault on “Zone 51” from other countries looks something like this.

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