Microsoft and Bazelevs agree on collaboration to develop ScreenLife movies

Studio Timur Bekmambetov will develop Screenlife-platform based on Microsoft technologies and will create a joint laboratory.

Russian Microsoft President Kristina Tikhonova and Bazelevs CEO Timur Bekmambetov Microsoft Photos

Studio Bazelevs and Microsoft have agreed to cooperate in the production of films in Russia. The companies will jointly develop the Screenlife genre using artificial intelligence and other technologies.

According to the terms of cooperation, Bazelevs will switch to the Microsoft Azure cloud to make the tools for creating ScreenLife content “as accessible as possible”. One of the programs that will run on Microsoft technology is Clickorder, which allows you to record interactive videos.

In addition, the companies will create a joint R&D laboratory in which they intend to develop products and services using artificial intelligence and other technologies. Microsoft offers to use its own data analysis in the film industry, as well as for the promotion and rental of films and TV shows.

The action of films of the ScreenLife genre takes place on the screen of devices: laptops, smartphones and not only. Bazelevs began to develop the format after the success of the film “Remove from Friends” in 2015. She became one of the most profitable in the history of cinema and, with a budget of one million dollars, raised 64 million dollars, having paid off at least 30 times.

After that, Timur Bekmambetov announced several more films in Screenlife format, including the sequel “Remove from Friends: Darkweb” and “Profile”, which never came out in Russia. The second screenlife-film at the box office turned out to be the thriller ” Search “.

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