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Yahoo News: Russian diplomats expelled from the United States due to surveillance of FBI special forces

It is assumed that diplomats deported in 2016 were one of the key figures in Russian counterintelligence.

Shot by Yuri Gripas, AFP

Yahoo News reporters published an investigation into the reasons for the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the United States in December 2016. As former US intelligence officials said, one of the reasons was the surveillance of FBI special forces.

The publication said that Russia’s intervention in the US election was only one of the reasons for the expulsion of diplomats. It is believed that they were one of the key figures in the counterintelligence operation. It undermined the ability of the FBI and the CIA to track Russian spies in the country. It allegedly involved Russian complexes in New York and Maryland.

According to Yahoo, Russian intelligence has learned to decrypt and track devices that the FBI used to monitor and communicate with their sources. Because of this, secret departments of the department were disclosed. It is believed that the Russian authorities were sending people with equipment to intercept messages and FBI message decryption codes to points with these groups of people.

When I headed the counterintelligence unit, we focused on calculating internal threats, namely, hunting for moles. But we were not prepared to combat counterintelligence in electronic networks.

Joel Brenner

head of US counter

intelligence from 2006 to 2009

Because of this, US intelligence agencies have stopped contact with some spies in Russia. Some of them themselves refused to cooperate. Presumably, the reason was the improvement in espionage capabilities of the Russian special services.

Authorities also feared that security forces from Russia had learned to break into computers that weren’t connected to the network, which was reported to the US Congress. In addition, allegedly spies tried to recruit a number of American citizens, including Carter Page, who advised Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. According to the publication, the authorities consider one of the main problems an increase in the number of espionage cases against the CIA and FBI.

Earlier, CNN talked about how American intelligence agencies exported an American spy from Russia. It was assumed that he worked in the presidential administration and had direct access to Putin’s documents. Russian media have suggested that it may be Oleg Smolenkov, who disappeared in 2017. Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Smolenkov worked in the administration, but called the CNN investigation “pulp fiction.”

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