The medical commission expelled the most experienced Russian cosmonaut from the squad

Fedor Yurchikhin is 60 years old.

Photo by Alexey Filippov, Sputnik

The medical commission decided to expel the most experienced Russian cosmonaut Fedor Yurchikhin from the detachment, RIA Novosti reports .

The commander of the cosmonaut corps Oleg Kononenko said that the commission’s decision is final.

Yurchikhin first flew into space in 2002 and spent five days in orbit for 672 days and 21 hours. He went into outer space nine times. In the spring of 2019, the 60-year-old astronaut had health problems, then he said that he wanted to fly around the moon.

Sometimes a dream occurs: a phone call and a proposal to consider some interesting option. I with pleasure, only my family will be categorically against it. After all, first of all, my flights are stress for the family. My daughters just now started talking to me and are trying to surround me with care, because dad was always at work … And yet – what if?

Fedor Yurchikhin

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