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Study: Actors in Hollywood pay an average of $ 1.1 million more than actresses

The gap in earnings remains for stars of the first magnitude.

Researchers from the universities of Huddersfield, Wisconsin and Lancaster have analyzed salary data for 246 men and women who starred in 1,343 films between 1980 and 2015. They concluded that the difference in the fees of actors and actresses in Hollywood is an average of $ 1.1 million per film, writes The Guardian.

“We were surprised when we found that the earnings gap remains for top-level actors such as Meryl Streep,” said Sofia Ifkierdo-Sanchez, who participated in the study.

After 50 years, the gap widens. The biggest difference is in blockbuster films, where men over fifty receive about $ 4 million more women. In 2018, actresses were paid an average of $ 1.7 million less than actors for roles in the top ten movie distribution leaders.

It is noted that the situation has not improved in any way compared to 1980. Researchers said that the difference in fees in Hollywood for the 35 years analyzed has not decreased.

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