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“VKontakte” for the first time will open a research laboratory based on MIPT. It will study artificial intelligence

The curators of the laboratory will be the company's developers.

VKontakte will open its first scientific laboratory at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). University students will study and develop artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies here, the project is supervised by social network employees, told TJ in the VKontakte press service.

In the laboratory, our students will be able to solve unique problems and gain new knowledge in the field of pure and applied mathematics. I am sure that the result of the work will be visible projects in the scientific community. Indeed, for the development of social networks, very serious knowledge of graph theory and artificial intelligence is needed – and our physical and technical school is traditionally strong in these areas.

Andrey Raygorodsky

Director of the PhysTech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics MIPT

Scientific research will be conducted in four areas:

  • Understanding and generating natural language;
  • Computer vision;
  • Multimodal neural networks;
  • recommendation systems.

Students of MIPT who have passed competitive selection will be able to work in the laboratory.

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