Spotify will begin to check the location of users of the family subscription. So the service fights abuse

The company recalls that a family subscription exists for those who live at the same address.

Spotify has updated the user agreement – according to the new rules, the service will start “from time to time” to ask users of the family subscription to confirm that they live at the same address. First it drew attention to the publication CNET.

New family subscription users will need to verify their address through Google Maps. From time to time, the service will “request a re-verification of the home address.” If the user does not confirm the address, then Spotify can disconnect or suspend the family subscription.

The company has previously tried to deal with users who do not live together, but subscribe to a family plan, indicating the same address. In 2018, Spotify announced that it would begin to verify the exact coordinates of users, but stopped testing due to data protection and privacy issues.

In late August, Kommersant announced that Spotify will officially launch in Russia at the end of 2019. Since 2014, the service has postponed access to the Russian market several times.

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