Putin drank a glass of vodka with militias in Dagestan. He promised to do it 20 years ago

In 1999, the president announced that he would drink after eliminating the threat of terrorism in the Caucasus.

Vladimir Putin fulfilled his promise in 1999 and drank a glass of vodka with the militia in Dagestan, the village of Botlikh. The president then said that he would drink when the threat of terrorism in the Caucasus was destroyed. This was told by the journalist of the Kremlin pool Dmitry Smirnov.

Putin met with militia members who took part in the fighting in Dagestan in August-September 1999. Then, gangs of terrorists invaded the republic from Chechnya, and militia units formed from local residents came to the aid of the Russian military. Since the invasion of militants in Dagestan, it is customary to count the start of the Second Chechen War on August 7, 1999. The territory of Dagestan was released from militants on September 15.

On August 27, Putin arrived in Botlikh as Prime Minister of Russia. Participants claimed that Putin’s arrival gave the militias a “new impetus”. “The military is obliged to fulfill orders anyway, but there were no orders for the militias, they only proceeded from their own state of mind,” they specified.

I propose to put this pile today. We will definitely have a drink. Mandatory. But we will drink later. […] I propose to have a bite to eat for work.

Vladimir Putin

He met in a tent with the military and militias, and suggested putting off a toast for the victory until the final destruction of the terrorist underground in Russia. Putin was reminded of the promise on a direct line in June 2019. Putin then said: “I hope we can do this together with you.”

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