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How the Lovina dating application is arranged – a mixture of Tinder and Chatroulette from VKontakte

On September 12, VKontakte launched the Lovina dating application on the basis of the social network. In fact, this is a standard service for dating, but with its own characteristics, the main one is the emphasis on video communication instead of standard chats. In some places, this makes the application more like a chat roulette than a classic Tinder.

Standard set

Linking Lovina to VKontakte is rather conditional. Yes, you register through the social network (you can also use the phone number), the dating service loads your name and photo from there. But the rest, the influence of VKontakte is not felt at all – only a small icon near the avatars of people.

At some points it comes to the strange: Lovina took five of my photos for the profile from VKontakte, but did not fill out the description. Although the sections are repeated by those that have long been on the social network.

One of the sections of Lovina is the standard for dating services search for the person you like. Cards with users appear in turn on the screen, and you swipe determine whether you like them or not. In the profile settings, you can set the desired age and gender. But there are no restrictions on the distance yet – the service offered me girls either one kilometer from me, or 277 km. Representatives of VKontakte told that the geolocation filter will appear later.

With mutual sympathy with another user, you can enter into correspondence. And from this moment, flirting with the video begins.

Counters and Chatroulette

VKontakte did not hide the fact that in Lovina the emphasis is on video communication. “From the photo and correspondence it’s not always possible to understand how suitable a person is for you. Only during live communication does it become clear whether a spark has passed between you, ”said the head of the service Vladimir Makhov.

Therefore, after the “match” a standard chat appears, and at the same time – a 48-hour counter. During this time, users must either send each other a video story or make a video call. If it does not reach this, then the dialogue is simply deleted.

At the same time, a check by editors showed that video calls are still unstable: either the sound disappears, or the picture splits into fragments. After communicating via video, the time counter disappears.

If the first section can be described as “Tinder with video”, then the second is almost a “chat roulette”. VKontakte calls it the “video call carousel.” You connect to random users: the call is limited to 22 seconds, but if you wish, it can be extended for another minute each time. Pressing the red button transfers to the next person.

Initially, this seems to be an Internet analogue of speed dating, but pretty quickly you notice that you come across not only girls, but also guys. Although the profile settings say “search only girls.” VKontakte explained to that there wasn’t a filter on the floor in the carousel – more precisely, it was, but only with the Potion of Love.

Benefits for money

“Love Potion” is a paid function that gives the user additional features. For example, communicate only with girls or guys in the “carousels”. Among other advantages: “Love Potion” allows you to see everyone who rated the profile and remove the 48 hour counter in chat rooms.

Access to the function for a week costs 299 rubles, for a lifetime – 4990 rubles. And while it seems that it’s the “Potion of Love” that will turn the video section of the service from the “chat roulette” into a dating application.

Another category of purchases inside Lovina is coins. Each gives the user a “super like”. One coin costs 75 rubles, but if you take a few at once, it will be cheaper. VKontakte promised that there would be no advertising in the application.

Lovina has just started, so for now the main minus of the application is that not many people are sitting in it. In the cities of Russia outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, after three or five swipe, a message appears: “Oops, it looks like you looked at all the profiles. New options are coming soon. ” But with the support of VKontakte, Lovina can gain popularity and compete in Russia with Tinder and other similar services.

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