How on Mac to know which site the file was downloaded from

When working with data and documents, sometimes it becomes necessary to re-download an existing file on a computer or go to the site from which it was downloaded.

You can use your browsing history to try to find out the data source, but there is a much faster and easier way.

How to find out where the file was downloaded from

It is enough to select the necessary file in Finder and use the keyboard shortcut Command + I or call the Properties item from the context menu.

In the window that opens, you should find the Details section and expand it. This will contain information about the site from which the file was downloaded.

Data is assigned by the system at boot time. The properties may contain not one, but two links. In this case, one will tell the site on which the download started, and the second – the direct address from where the download took place.

Unfortunately, the method does not always work with photos. Many editors overwrite data or completely delete such fields to store information in a file.

For other types of files, in most cases, without problems, you will be able to find out the necessary information.

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