Google has agreed to pay 500 million euros in a tax evasion dispute in France

Tax regulators and the company argued for four years.

Google has agreed to pay half a billion euros to the French government in a tax dispute that has lasted four years. It is reported by Reuters.

Google’s European headquarters is in Dublin. The company and the French authorities argued which country it should pay taxes for, working across Europe. Google pays almost all taxes in Ireland – the company uses a scheme in which formally receives most of the profit in Ireland.

At the end of 2016, it became known that Google tax evaded 3.6 billion euros in 2015 using the so-called Double Irish and a Dutch sandwich scheme.

The lawsuit of France is not the first Google proceeding with tax regulators in different countries. In December 2016, Indonesia threatened Google with a fine of $ 223 million. In Italy, the company had to pay 306 million euros as part of a similar business in 2017.

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