social network Group has launched the corporate messenger MyTeam. In it, the company emphasized safety.

This is the fourth messenger of the company, in addition to ICQ, “Agent” and “Tam-Tam”. Group has launched the corporate messenger MyTeam . It should help companies streamline workflows and prevent potential information leaks. This was introduced by the company .

In the messenger you can create personal and group chats, exchange files and communicate via calls and video calls. At the same time, the messenger settings will allow, according to the company, to avoid information leaks: only confirmed employees of the company have access to chats and files, and the employee after dismissal will not be able to open the correspondence history or general documents. “People are“ forgotten ”in confidential chats after being laid off, they get months of statistics or project notifications, often already working hard for a competitor,” MRG said.

For modern users, often, messages about work come no less, and even more than from relatives and friends. Maintaining effective communication with colleagues and light conversations with friends on the same site can be inconvenient. Myteam messenger solves this problem, as it was originally conceived as a solution for business. It helps the user to concentrate on business communication and at the same time does not violate his personal boundaries.

Anna Artamonova

Vice President Group

Users can choose between a paid and a free version. In the advanced, technical support and organization management capabilities are available. In addition, there is a special application for very large companies that allows you to deploy the entire infrastructure on the client’s internal servers.

On May 25, 2017, the Mail.Ru Group released the TamTam messenger based on OK Messages. In addition to chatting with friends, you can run your own channels for subscribers there.

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