Apple revealed the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. What is known about them

The company introduced the heir to the iPhone X in two different sizes and the “affordable” version in six colors for 65 thousand rubles.

ng the presentation on September 12, Apple introduced three new iPhones – updated versions of the iPhone X called the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, as well as the “cheap” iPhone XR model. As expected, the flagship models received 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED screens, and the 6.1-inch XR LCD. We tell you what is known about the new iPhones.

iPhone XS and XS Max

Both models will be available in three colors, including the new “gold”, “silver” and “gray space”. Thanks to the smaller bezels around the screen, the 6.5-inch XS Max is no larger in size than the regular iPhone Plus.

The new A12 Bionic six-core processor is integrated in the XS and XS Max, which was the first mobile chip made using the 7-nanometer process technology. Tim Cook separately noted that this is “the most advanced iPhone that the company created.”

Thanks to the new processor, XS applications can run 30% faster than their predecessor. In addition, a 4-core graphics processor was built into the smartphone, which works 50% faster with relocation and multi-layer rendering.

The smartphone received a new display with support for more dynamic HDR, improved sound from stereo speakers and increased Face ID performance. In addition, the new models have improved moisture protection according to the IP68 standard. This allows you to immerse your smartphone to a depth of 2 meters for several minutes and dip it not only in water, but also in some other liquids, such as juices, beer or wine.

The smartphone received the same single camera as in the iPhone 8, but on it

One of the main innovations of the XS was the camera: the matrix remained the same, but Apple updated the chip that processes the pictures. The smart HDR method was added to the smartphone, but the company did not explain how it differs from ordinary HDR. Apple added more settings to portrait mode: for example, you can now choose how much the background will be blurred.

XS will be the first iPhone to launch with two SIM slots, but only in China. In all other countries, a version with virtual eSIM will be available, as in Apple Watch, but this function is not available in Russia.The smartphone received the same single camera as in the iPhone 8, but on it

Both versions of the new iPhone will last longer than the iPhone X: XS – for 30 minutes, and XS Max for an hour and a half. They also received support for LTE-communication at speeds up to gigabits per second.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be available in silver, space gray and a new gold tint. They will be sold with memory of 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB at a price of 87 990 rubles and from 96 990 rubles. In Russia, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be available from Friday, September 28.

iPhone XR

The 6.1-inch iPhone received the same processor and front camera as the iPhone XS. Unlike the flagship versions, it is equipped with an LCD liquid display “Retina” with a resolution of 1792 by 828 pixels.

The smartphone received the same single camera as in the iPhone 8, but it will still be possible to take portrait pictures with the bokeh effect on it. For this, the company will use a combination of hardware and software.

The XR case is made of aluminum of the 7000th series – from the same one from which the Apple Watch and previous versions of the iPhone are made. The smartphone lost the 3D Touch function, its place was taken by the Haptic touch vibration feedback, as in the MacBook Pro trackpad. Also, the smartphone is equipped with moisture protection according to the IP67 standard instead of IP68, like the flagship models.

iPhone XR will be available in Russia from 64,990 rubles with built-in memory of 64, 128 and 256 gigabytes in six colors: white, black, blue, coral, yellow and red (PRODUCT) RED. Apple will only begin accepting pre-orders for the XR on October 19th.

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